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contact: Matthias Lendner, Tel.: 97 38 085, matthias.lendner@vetmed.uni-leipzig.de


Entnahme aus dem Freezer: Bitte vorher kurz anrufen und klären ob das Produkt verfügbar und jemand im Haus ist, der Zugang zum freezer hat. Die Fermentas Kundennummer bitte nicht vergessen!

Removal from the freezer: Please call and clarify previously whether the product is available and someone in the house has access to the freezer. Please do not forget your Fermentas customer number!

new customers: Please bring this completed form with you.


Single orders: Please place your order by mail/phone. Your items will be ordered with the next freezer order without shipping costs. Please note that the next freezer order might take a while. For fast delivery please contact fermentas directly.

Increase stock: Please send an e-mail with the product names and order numbers of the products that should be in stock.

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