Our Department

Welcome to the website of the Institute of Parasitology!

The parasitology was and is a central part of veterinary medicine. Both the awareness of and the fight against parasitic diseases and zoonoses plays an important role. The Institute of Parasitology fulfills this task by educating students, the diagnosis of parasitic diseases and the implementation of various research projects. As a member of the Center for Infectious Diseases, we are also seeking to realize interdisciplinary research projects.


Teaching in Parasitology:

The students will learn about the basics of parasitology and relevant parasitic diseases. Basis is the lecture on parasitology, which is accompanied by a hands-on-course in which students learn about the most important parasites and their detection methods. The basics are deepened and strengthened through various modules. In order to connect theory and practical relevance  the students portrayed a disease whose cause they must then determine on the basis of the patients history and provided samples (feces, blood).

Diagnosis in Parasitology:
With the diagnosis of parasites, the Institute plays a key role within the faculty. Here several thousand internal and external samples are examined for parasites annually.

The Institute of Parasitology leads both basic and applied research, especially in the area of coccidian parasites. In addition to the host-parasite interaction and epidemiology alternative methods for animal testing are in the focus of the institute.